Spring-Summer 2005



newCube, a sculpture by Paul Hansen, was installed on and around Sol LeWitt’s sculpture, Double Cubes, at UMass/Boston in May ‘05.
newCube plays off LeWitt’s minimalist system based approach—essentially extending the system while also questioning many of the underlying principles on which the work is based: completeness, permanence, simplicity and stability.
See cube.userobject.com.

newCube is the sculptural output of an incomplete psuedo-computational system.
From the newCube source code:

doubleCubes=new Sculpture(Cube(4,flat,black),Cube(4,glossy,black));
Sculpture.toField=new Function(location)
site=new Map(location,this);
return field;v }
return doubleCubes.toField(UMB).clip().slice();


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