Summer 2004

Community Development and Technology Track Sessions & Presenters
by anonymous

An Innovative Partnership: Aligning CTC efforts with the Community Building Movement
Presented by: Vicky Glenzer – Gelatt, Oregon Center for Applied Science, Jennifer Gonzalez, Alamo Area Mutual Housing; Tony Fleming, Eastmont Computing Center

Building Community from the Inside Out
Presented by: Ronda Evans, RECA Foundation

Emergence, Convergence and Empowerment
Presented by: Fred Johnson, Umass Boston; Nettrice Gaskins, Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative (CBC); Dirk Koning, Grand Rapids Community Media Center

Integrating In-Demand Social Services into Your CTC’s Offerings
Presented by: Maria T. Barker, The Enterprise Foundation; John Garcia

Introduction to Microenterprise Development and its Relevance to CTCs
Presented by: Bill Edwards, Association for Enterprise Opportunity

Sustainable Community Technology Business Models for Economic Development
Presented by: Will Reed, Technology For All – Houston

Sustainable Community Technology Business Models for Economic Development in Low-Income Communities
Presented by: Jessy Gonzalez, ReliaTech; Paul Lamb, Street Tech; Dr. Will Reed, Technology For All; Coretta Alexander, ReliaTech; George Gundrey, CompuMentor

Taking Technology Home - From Digital Divide to Digital Development
Presented by: Danny Perry, TECH CORPS TEXAS; Nicole Robinson, The Telecom Opportunity Institute (TTOI); Brian Stevens, Houston Information Technology Empowerment Consortium (HITEC); Louis Waters, SimDesk Technologies

Unwiring our Communities: Deploying Wireless Technologies to Improve Neighborhoods
Presented by: Davis Park, Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation; Nicole Friedman, Center for Neighborhood Technology – Illinois; Stephen Rockwell, United Way Southeastern Pennsylvania; Nyvia Colon, Madison Park Development Corporation

Web Portals and Community Development
Presented by:
Steve Wright,

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