Summer 2004

Organizational Capacity and Leadership Track Sessions & Presenters
by anonymous

Funding the Future of Community Technology: funders listen to YOU
Presented by: Ken Thompson, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Jane Meseck, Microsoft Community Affairs; Miguel Garcia, Ford Foundation; Ceil Erickson; The Seattle Foundation; Tessie Guillermo, Community Technology Foundation of California

The Power of Planning: Technology Planning with Online Tools
Presented by: Lindsay Bealko, Npower

The Power of Storytelling: Spinning Your Successes & Challenges into (Nonprofit) Gold
Presented by: Marissa Martin, CTCNet

Staffing for Sustainability
Presented by: Jassen Tawil, Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Case Western Reserve University

Starting Points: Ending Discrimination by Default Against People with Disabilities
Presented by: Mary Lester, Alliance for Technology Access (ATA); Russ Holland, Alliance for Technology Access (ATA); Libbie Butler, Alliance for Technology Access; Dave Grass, Northern Illinois Center for Adaptive Technology

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