Summer 2004

Policy & Advocacy Track Sessions & Presenters
by anonymous

Advocacy Capacity Workshop
Presented by: Nancy Amidei, Civic Engagement Project, University of Washington School of Social Work; James Lau, The Childrens Partnership (TCP)

Community Technology in the K-12 System
Presented by: Mike Donlin, Seattle Public Schools

Community Technology Policy Actions at the State Level
Presented by: Angela Stuber, Ohio Community Computing Network (OCCN); Ana Montes, California Community Technology Policy Group (CCTPG)/Latino Issues Forum; James Lau, The Children's Partnership (TCP); Debra Walker Johnson, CTCNet Chicago; Marsha McDevitt-Stredney, OCCN

E-Advocacy: Tools & Strategies
Presented by: Art McGee; Jo Lee, CitizenSpeak; Greg Nelson, Carol/Trevelyan Strategy Group; Dean Ericksen, ONE/Northwest

Who's Not Being Served?
Presented by: Paul Adams, PrairieNet; Joy Marquez, City Heights Community Technology Center; Gena Lew, Community Technology Policy Council

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