Summer 2004

Technology Track Sessions & Presenters
by anonymous

Building Community in an Online Environment
Presented by: Tony Streit, The YouthLearn Initiative at EDC; Andy Carvin,Digital Divide Network, EDC

Collaboration Tools for Community Building

Cool Tools
Presented by: Russ Holland, Alliance for Technology Access (ATA); Dave Grass, Northern Illinois Center for Adaptive Technology

Fused Media in the Sky
Presented by: Dirk Koning, Grand Rapids Community Media Center

Open Source Software Success Stories in Community Technology
Presented by: John Stanton,; Jim Craner, CTCNet;Paul Suda

Probable Tomorrows: "Future Trends In Our Communities"
Presented by: Luversa Sullivan, Jaleesa Trapp, Jomiah Simpson, Ashley Borders, Jevetta Trapp, Intel Computer Clubhouse Tacoma

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