Summer 2004

The 2004 CTCNet Conference
by Kavita Singh

Kavita Singh
The Annual CTCNet Conference provides an opportunity for people to share their organizational expertise and personal experiences towards a more active and informed community of interests. This year we are working to highlight the resources and model programs that use technology in ways that inform and engage citizens and that contribute to community development.

Community technology centers and programs continue to improve individual lives and foster healthy neighborhoods around the world. The capacity of the community technology field itself has grown to address a broader set of human needs and social priorities, including workforce development, education and literacy, youth media, immigration, health, public safety, housing, business and economic development, and civic engagement.

Community technology, in a relatively short period of time, has emerged as a vital social force that impacts the ways we think about, and act upon, the issues affecting our society. This year's meeting affords us a chance to recount our successes, recognize the diversity and creativity within our programs, and challenge ourselves to better address local community needs as we harness the power of people and technology to build connected communities.

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We should never lose sight of basic needs within the core of our missions: equity in technology access and opportunities to acquire and apply technology skills. There is still much work to be done to ensure that vital information and communications technology tools and resources are affordable, accessible, and applicable to all people. We hope to explore ways to sustain the momentum we have achieved while expanding the role for, and impact of, CTCs within the communities in which we work.

We're looking forward to seeing you in Seattle and discussing the future of our field!
--Kavita Singh, Executive Director

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