Summer 2004

Pre-Conference Sessions
by anonymous

Thanks to support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Compassion Capital Fund, CTCNet is pleased to present an expanded slate of Pre-Conference workshops offering more in-depth exploration of issues and resources useful to our members' work.

This year, sessions include:

Access Aware: Making Your CTC Accessible to People with Disabilities

The Best of New & Old: Fundraising Strategies for CTCs

CTCs & Community Change: Tools & Strategies

The CTC VISTA Project: Supervisor Orientation & Training

ScienceQuest: Successful After-School Learning

Curriculum Development for Youth Technology Programs: the YouthLearn Method

Incorporating Youth Multimedia for Social Change in Your Community Technology Program

Freedom Machines, a documentary that will be airing this fall on PBS and is being shown as a pre-conference event Thursday evening, explores the remarkable power that technology has to transform the lives of people with disabilities. The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) has been very involved in the development of this film, with an award-winning crew and Oscar-nominated producer. Shot in nine locations around the U.S--including several ATA centers--with characters ranging from 7 to 92 years of age, Freedom Machines is not only a revelation but also a call to action. The film's web site provides useful information to supplement the documentary both in educating people about disabilities and how technology and civil rights laws can bring us closer to a world that is more inclusive for everyone.

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