Summer 2004

Additional Resources
Policy & Advocacy Resources
by anonymous


Children's Partnership
Policy information and resources with a focus on youth and low-income/underserved communities.
The site of record for civil rights news and information.
Information and tools drawn from organizations and advocates across policy disciplines to support greater participation by nonprofits in the policy arena.


Alliance for Community Media
Advances democratic ideals through ensuring use of and participation through public, education, and government access television and media centers.

Alliance for Public Technology
National public interest coalition fostering access to affordable information and communications services and technologies for all people.

Alliance for Technology Access
National network of technology resource centers, organizations, individuals and companies connecting children and adults with disabilities and functional limitations to technology.

American Library Association
Increases public awareness around the role and importance of libraries in the communities in which they serve, and issues around access to information

Benton Foundation
Hosts the daily Communications-Related Headlines and DIGITALDIVIDE Discussion List which focus on the emerging digital communications environment.

Consortium for School Networking
National network of organizations and individuals advancing the K-12 education community's capacity to effectively use technology to improve learning.

National Congress for Community Economic Development
CDC association which focuses on affordable housing and jobs creation through business and commercial development activities.

National research, communications, capacity building, and advocacy organization working to advance economic and social equity policies.
Political information, policy trends, and statistical data from all 50 U.S. state capitols and over 140 online news sources updated each weekday.

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