Winter 2004-2005

Powerbullet Presenter
by Phil Shapiro

Powerbullet Presenter is free software for Windows that let's you create simple Flash slideshows with graphics, text, animations and accompanying MP3 audio. The audio could be music, narration, or a combination of both. Although PowerPoint is the standard presentation software used around the world, Powerbullet Presenter has some qualities that put it ahead of PowerPoint. It's simple to learn and the Flash files it creates can be viewed and heard on Windows, Macintosh and Linux
computers. One of the features I like most is the navigational arrows that Powerbullet automatically adds to your slideshows. One drawback of Powerbullet Presenter is that you need to create your MP3 audio files outside of the program using some other software. Come to think of it, you could use some of the MP3 audio files from in your Powerbullet presentations.

What I like most about Powerbullet Presenter is that this software can give youth and adults practice creating multimedia using graphics, text and audio either on computers at a CTC, on a donated computer at home, or at both locations.  In the long run, it's the content of the stories you tell that matters much more than which software tool you used to create them. Powerbullet Presenter lets many new voices be heard.

Phil Shapiro is a long-time community technology educator and advocate. He has been placing multimedia slideshows on the web since the mid-1990's, including his multimedia slideshow that was presented at the 1997 CTCNet annual conference in Pittsburgh.


there's a slight additional piece of info for this article. there is now also a $20 version of powerbullet presenter. the free version remains available and remains outstandingly good.

- phil

Posted by: Phil Shapiro at January 24, 2005 09:34 PM
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