Winter 2004-2005

Other Publications of Interest
by anonymous

Community Media Review Summer 2004 issue cover

Community Media Review
The quarterly journal of the Alliance for Community Media. A nonprofit, national membership organization founded in 1976, the Alliance represents over 1,000 Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access organizations and community media centers throughout the country.
Latest issue: Summer 2004. “New Media, New Methods”

The Nonprofit Quarterly Fall 2004 issue cover

The Nonprofit Quarterly
The journal of Third Sector New England, an organization that provides information and services to build the knowledge, power and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations that engage people in community and public life.
Latest issue: Fall 2004. “The State of Our Union: Nonprofits and Government”

The Evaluation Exchange
Harvard Family Research Project's evaluation periodical, The Evaluation Exchange, addresses current issues facing program evaluators of all levels, with articles written by the most prominent evaluators in the field. It goes out to its subscribers free of charge 3–4 times per year.
Latest issue: Fall 2004. “Harnessing Technology for Evaluation”

The City of Seattle Community Technology ezine.


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