Winter 2004-2005

by anonymous

In August 2004, the CTC VISTA Project began its fifth year with a PreService Orientation program at UMass Boston.
Pictured here: (Front Row) Lauren Penney, Elizabeth Chesler, Ashley Cross, Victoria Bravo, Amanda Lasik, Rebecca Shuler, Sarika Gupta, Cat Sullivan (Second Row) Yvette Hunter, Kimberly Rainey, Nora Lollar, Diane Hauer, Jennifer Drewyor, Clarice Lovely, Vahid Nourani, Amber Lanes, Damita Chambers, Dan Schackman, Saul Baizman (Back Row) Mike Donegal, Ria Fay-Berquist, Cameron Elliott, Mike Eagle, Lawana Fox, Brian Russell, Frank Consiglio, Chris Sacca, Pete Bull, Mike Connolly, Marie Shvartsapel, Jennifer Schmitt, Abigail Balazs, Alli Shaughnessy, Sue Songkum, Brandi Day, David Johnson, Peter Miller, Paul Hansen

Site placements and additional information are available in the project directory.

J. Keith Motley and Rep. Barney Frank

Rep. Barney Frank and UMass Boston Chancellor Keith Motley at the VISTA Orientation.

University of Massachusetts Boston / College of Public and Community Service

Inside back cover:

Comunity Technology Review - back Issues Available in the online archives and in hard copy.

Discounted bulk copies available for classroom use, plus curriculum integration.

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