The Community Technology Review is now accepting abstracts and articles for future issues.

We look for well-written articles on the use of media and technology in community building — projects and news that people can learn from and apply in their community technology centers and nonprofit organizations (i.e., case studies, relevant, brief policy updates, short pieces on technique and practice, interviews with innovative individuals, what you've learned that works or doesn't work). Articles should focus on current or recent projects. We're especially interested in pieces on the use of broadband applications and projects supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service. We welcome articles with interesting photographs, charts, maps, etc. (Submissions regarding future projects are not usually considered.)

Submissions should be 1-2 pages long (750-1500 words), although special features may be longer. (In all cases, we would be pleased to link to longer versions from our on-line publication.)

If you would like to make a submission, please fill out the form below.