Fall-Winter 2002-2003

Editors' Introduction: Community Technology in a Post 9-11 World (Part II)
by Peter Miller and Richard Civille
Fred Johnson Comes to UMass/Boston
by Melissa Daigle

CTCNet Update
by Daniel Schackman
The CTC Support Project: Local Support, National Implications
by Trang Le

AFCN Update
by Gene Crick
The Rise of the Knowledge Democracy
by Andrew Cohill

Summer Camp in Columbia, SC: Community Style
by Dedria Albritton
ScienceQuest for Youth: A Growing Program
by Jennifer Dorsen
Transforming Rural Alaska through Wireless Technology in the Schools and Community
by Martin Cary
Mapping and Community Organizing in Philadelphia
by Eric Hoffman
Edna Jackson, Technology And Community Building: From Staunchest Opponent to Greatest Proponent
by Randal Pinkett
From The Children's Partnership: Strategies and Resources for Community Technology Practitioners
by Laurie Lipper and Wendy Lazarus

TA to Nonprofits
Sweet, Sweet $ustainability
by Ken Thompson
Online Fundraising Comes of Age
by Michael Stein
Unlocking the Potential of Open-Source
by David Geilhufe

The Corporation and the Digital Divide
by Peter Miller
CTCs for Positive Youth Development: Findings from PowerUP's First Phase Evaluation
by Lisa Schneider and William Vesneski
CTC VISTA Project Update
by Peter Miller

Public Policy
Benton Foundation Public Policy Update: Looking to the Future
by Norris Dickard

Community Technology in the International Arena
by Richard Civille
Community Networking in Post-Soviet Russia
by Sergei Stafeev
Penza Association of Refugees and Forced Migrants
by Oleg Sharipkov
Municipal and Civic Internet Use in Togliatti
by V.V. Efrosinin
Pattern Introduction: Uncovering and Understanding Our Common Language
by Doug Schuler
Pattern Discussion: Collaborative Design of Community Information Systems
by James Zappen
Pattern Discussion: Mutual-Help Medical Web Sites
by Patricia Radin
Pattern Discussion: Information Ecology
by Richard Lowenberg
Pattern Discussion: Mobile ICT Laboratories for Disadvantaged Communities
by Grant Hearn
Pattern Discussion: Conversational Support across Boundaries
by John Thomas