Fall 2005

Community Networking in the CTR Archives

Spring-Summer 2005

Community Networking: Movements in the Field and at the Radical Center by Michael Maranda

Houston's Technology for All Wireless Project and the National Municipal Wireless Debate by Will Reed

Open Space Austin: April 29-30, 2005 by Frank Odasz

Community Networking On The Night Shift, Part Six: The Rise And Fall Of The Ohio Free-Nets by Anne McFarland

Ten Years of the Ohio Community Computing Network (OCCN) by Marsha McDevitt-Stredney

Book Review of Community Practice in the Network Society: Local Action/Global Interaction by Daniel Schackman

e-Literacy and Connectivity for Development in India, the Akshaya Approach by Joyojeet Pal and G.R. Kiran

eSeva E-services in Southeast India by Sanjay Jaju

Winter 2004-2005

Community Networking after TOP: Progressive Alliances and a State-by-State Strategy by Michael Maranda

The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network by Sascha Meinrath

The Power of All of Us? — The eBay Lesson for Community Development by Frank Odasz

CTCNet Delware Valley/Philadelphia Update by Sabra Williams

Broadband — Why It's Important and Why YOU Should Care by Linda Fowells and Richard Chabrán

The New Digital Divide Network by Andy Carvin and Cedar Pruitt

How Wi-Fi Came to El Chaco in the Ecuadorian Rainforest by Klaus Stoll

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star: Reflections on TOP by Anthony Wilhelm

Winter-Spring 2004

Dispatches from the AFCN by Richard Lowenberg

The Third Age of Community Networking by Andrew Cohill

The Next Wave: Community Information Hubs by Paul Lamb and Vishant Shah

Community Networking on the Night Shift, Part 5: Closing the Books on ACORN — Well, Almost by Anne McFarland

Growing Demand for Rural Broadband and the Growing Digital Network by R. Terry McGhee

Summer 2003

Creating Our Future: Shaping the Agenda of Community Technology by Kavita Singh and Mary Lester and Gene Crick

AFCN Track Sessions at the 2003 CTCNet conference organized in collaboration with the Alliance for Technology Access and AFCN

Spring 2003

The Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative and the Premiere of 'First Tuesday' by Peter Miller

AFCN Update:  Community Technology: New Times, New Tactics by Gene Crick

Rodney Williams – Agent of Change and Content Producer by Randal Pinkett

ConnectRichmond: Collecting and Sharing Information to Build a Stronger Community by Nancy Stutts

KY Consortium Brings Better Access to Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing by Tricia Davis and Ruth McCann

Common Ground for Alaska, Jamaica, and Rural Idaho by Frank Odasz

Programming on the Nightshift, Part 6: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time by Anne McFarland

The Digital City of Parthenay: Social Networks and Civic Nets by Federico Casalegno

Fall-Winter 2002-2003

AFCN Update by Gene Crick

The Rise of the Knowledge Democracy by Andrew Cohill

Transforming Rural Alaska through Wireless Technology in the Schools and Community by Martin Cary

Mapping and Community Organizing in Philadelphia by Eric Hoffman

Edna Jackson, Technology and Community Building: From Staunchest Opponent to Greatest Proponent by Randal Pinkett

Benton Foundation Public Policy Update: Looking to the Future by Norris Dickard

Community Technology in the International Arena by Richard Civille

Community Networking in Post-Soviet Russia by Sergei Stafeev

Penza Association of Refugees and Forced Migrants by Oleg Sharipkov

Municipal and Civic Internet Use in Togliatti by V.V. Efrosinin

Pattern Discussion: Collaborative Design of Community Information Systems by James Zappen

Winter-Spring 2002

AFCN Organizational Update by Andrew Cohill

Thinking Chaordically—The Future of Communities and Technology by Andrew Cohill

Community Networking on the Night Shift, Part Three: Librarians, Community Networks, and Philosophy Lite by Anne McFarland

Northern New Mexico's Last Mile Technology: Wireless Service! by Judith Pepper

Community Mapping for Neighborhood Knowledge in Los Angeles by Bill Pitkin and Nick Rattray

Running LAPs: On the Local Access Path by Max Gail and Casey Hughes

New Technology Policy and Advocacy Resource from The Children's Partnership by Wendy Lazarus and James Lau

Contentbank.org: Content-Building for and by Local Communities by Laurie Lipper and Francisco Mora

Community Informatics: Current Status and Future Prospects—Some Thoughts by Michael Gurstein

CTC Collaborations - Building the Timothy Smith Network in Boston by Marc Osten

Stopping in at TOP by Phil Shapiro

A Mixed Picture—Telecom Policy Update and Analysis by Ryan Turner, plus Addendum to A Mixed Picture

Closing The Resource Gap: 1-2-3 Advocacy to Improve Illinois Communities through Telecommunications, in Three Stages of Regulatory Competition, 1997-2001 by Layton Olson

Buenos Aires, Montreal, and Seattle: Civic Unrest and Civic Intelligence by Doug Schuler

On the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil by Scott Robinson

Summer-Fall 2001

The Association for Community Networking by Andrew Cohill

Planning for Local Community Internet Awareness Initiatives by Frank Odasz

The New Gold Rush—Mining Raw Human Potential Using Free Web Tools by Frank Odasz

The Ars Portalis Project by Richard Civille

Community Networking on the Night Shift, Part Two: in which a Community Organizer Tries to Be a Techie by Anne McFarland

Stopping by Benton by Phil Shapiro

Public Policy and Related References and Resources

Digital Empowerment Programs for the Underserved by Cory Smith

International Community Technology Development Since Barcelona by Richard Lowenberg and Steve Ronan and Steve Cisler

The Community Information Corps at the University of Michigan School of Information by Paul Resnick


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