Fall 2005

ComTechReview and the CTC VISTA Project: Turning Inward and Looking Out Again
The CTC VISTA Project: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Priority Area Presentations at the Pre-service Orientation

Community Networking
What is a Community Network? And Why You Should Care!
Community Networking Basics — Some Key Sites
Community Networking in the CTR Archives
Democratic Vistas: Community Networking as the Practical Work of Regional and Local Organizing
Community Networks: The Future Has Arrived
TechTalk: Dropped Into Deep Drupal – a NOC, NOC story
CTC VISTAs Strengthen RTPnet
RTPnet Adult Basic Computer Ed Handouts Available
Community History Helps TINCAN Create a Sense of Place in Spokane, WA

Community Organizing and Development
Ed Schwartz: Community Organizing and Development
Ten Web Sites to Help Profile a Community
Community Organizing and Development in the CTR Archives
Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina
Technology’s Role in Disaster Relief
A Response to Katrina from Chicago's Center for Neighborhood Technology
Winds of Change: A VISTA’s Experiences in the Astrodome
Publications Update: Community Media Review

Digital Media for Youth
Nettrice Gaskins: Digital Media for Youth
Digital Media and Youth Development: Resource Sites
Digital Media for Youth in the CTR Archives
CTCNet's Youth Visions for Stronger Neighborhoods
MoLLIE—The Mobile Learning Lab for Information Education in Grand Rapids, MI

TA to Nonprofits
Jillaine Smith: Technology Assistance for Nonprofits
Technology Assistance for Nonprofits: Resource Sites and Tools
Technology Assistance for Nonprofits in the CTR Archives
What Happened to Teaming for Technology?
Teaming for Technology—the Transition in Burlington, VT
Build an Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure in 21 Days
Notes on LDAP Integration

Information and Communication Technology: A Vital Part of the Peace Corps Mission
ICT in the Peace Corps
The Journal of Community Informatics—Preview of the New Issue, #4

Tribute: Larry Syms (May 2, 1948 - August 8, 2003)
Pete Rodriguez, Technology for All, TX
Life as a VISTA: The VISTA Way
My Work in Rural Washington State
CTC VISTA Project and Ameri*Corps Videos and Articles
Book Review: The AmeriCorps Experiment and the Future of National Service
The Resource Center

On the CTC VISTA Project and the Corporation's Resource Center

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