Fall 2005

Community Organizing and Development in the CTR Archives

Spring-Summer 2005

Community Networking: Movements in the Field and at the Radical Center by Michael Maranda

Houston's Technology for All Wireless Project and the National Municipal Wireless Debate by Will Reed

The Foundation of Community Information Technology: Community-Based Research by Randy Stoecker

Book Review of Research Methods for Community Change: A Project-Based Approach by Melissa C. Jeter

Book Review of Community Practice in the Network Society: Local Action/Global Interaction by Daniel Schackman

New Immigrants and Internet Use: Crossing Borders for Social and Cultural Benefit by Corry Bregendahl and Cornelia Flora

'Bringing IT Home' with the Cleveland Housing Network by DeJuan Perrymond

CDBG-supported Programs at Toledo's Murchison Center by James Moseby

e-Literacy and Connectivity for Development in India, the Akshaya Approach by Joyojeet Pal and G.R. Kiran

eSeva E-services in Southeast India by Sanjay Jaju

Winter 2004-2005

Book Review: Shaping the Network Society: The New Role of Civil Society in Cyberspace by Daniel Schackman

The Power of All of Us? — The eBay Lesson for Community Development by Frank Odasz

Public Policy, Online Content, and Research to Expand Community Access to Digital Opportunities by Wendy Lazarus and Laurie Lipper

e-Lection: Using Technology to Involve Communities in the Election Process by Oscar Madrigal and James Lau

e-Liberate — A New Tool for Online Deliberation by Doug Schuler

Blogging for Your Community by Trudy Schuett

Summer 2004

Emergence, Convergence, and Empowerment by Daniel Schackman

Community Development and Technology 2004 Conference Track sessions

Winter-Spring 2004

The Boston Earned Income Tax Credit Electronic Filing and Technology Access Project by Joan Arches

Summer 2003

Using GIS Mapping to Build Community by Megan Kinney and Michael Clark

Spring 2003

An Illinois Consortium at the Digital Crossroads by Layton Olsen

Fall-Winter 2002-2003

Mapping and Community Organizing in Philadelphia by Eric Hoffman

Edna Jackson, Technology And Community Building: From Staunchest Opponent to Greatest Proponent by Randal Pinkett

From The Children's Partnership: Strategies and Resources for Community Technology Practitioners by Laurie Lipper and Wendy Lazarus

Winter-Spring 2002

Community Mapping for Neighborhood Knowledge in Los Angeles by Bill Pitkin and Nick Rattray

Contentbank.org: Content-Building for and by Local Communities by Laurie Lipper and Francisco Mora

Buenos Aires, Montreal, and Seattle: Civic Unrest and Civic Intelligence by Doug Schuler


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