Fall 2005

RTPnet Adult Basic Computer Ed Handouts Available

Links to revised handouts for four classes RTPnet has used (since 1996) to teach basic computer skills to adults were recently posted on the CTCNet members list and received several favorable reviews and notes of appreciation. An overview is available, too. The goal is to teach new users how to use a mouse, how to get around on the Internet and use email, and then how to continue learning using GCFLearnFree.

Handouts include step-by-step instructions and can be used by volunteer teachers who have not taught before. Students can take home the handouts and repeat on their own what was covered in class; typing has been minimized since many people who take these classes can't type. Paint is introduced in the first class because you don't need to type and it's fun.

If the content is useful but people prefer to use different software, Judy Hallman has offered to provide additional assistance:

"I'd be glad to modify what I have to create additional versions. Similarly, if there is a topic that is needed, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  I really like MyWay.com for free email, but would be glad to also do yahoo, hotmail, and/or others if you find these are better services in some cases. My Way has a very short simple registration form with minimal typing required, no ads, good spam filters, and 125.0 MB."


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