Fall 2005

Teaming for Technology—the Transition in Burlington, VT

At the end of 2003, IBM reached a decision not to continue partnering with United Way of America or AmeriCorps*VISTA to continue the existing Teaming for Technology program.  As a result, in late October 2003 a group of Teaming for Technology partners met in Palisades, NY to redesign the project so that it would better align with IBM’s new On Demand Community initiative.  Representation on the team included members of the IBM Corporate Community Relations department, IBM Program Managers, United Way representatives from Atlanta, New York, Southern Pennsylvania, and CyberSkills/Vermont of Burlington, VT.  Meredith Emmett of Third Space Studio moderated the discussions.

The new framework provides local resources for cash and equipment to nonprofits, On Demand Community volunteers, other nonprofit projects and initiatives, and other relationships in local communities. One strength of the new framework is to provide the Corporate Community Relations (CCR) Managers with greater flexibility to develop relationships and to align the resources of IBM with the unique strengths and needs of their local community.

CyberSkills/Vermont, through its CyberSkills for Vermont Nonprofits (CVNP) program, has assumed a key role in providing support for nonprofit organizations in Vermont.  Through a close affiliation with Marie Houghton, CCR manager in Essex Junction, CVNP continues to be involved in the IBM T4T restructuring for the benefit of the nonprofit organizations we serve.  Continued support for CVNP comes to CyberSkills/Vermont through the local United Way.  CVNP members participate in the IBM annual equipment donation.  Staff members continue to work in programs supported by the local IBM CCR office, mostly in the training of childcare providers use of the KidsSmart Early Learning software package. As additional developments occur CyberSkills/Vermont will gladly assist CTCNet members and other appropriate organizations in developing relationships with IBM initiatives at your local level.

Harold L. Smith is the Director of CyberSkills/Vermont, in Burlington.


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