Fall 2005

The CTC VISTA Project Profile:
Pete Rodriguez, Technology for All, TX

Pete Rodriguez
Pete has worked extensively with our Learn and Earn Program. Over the past year and a half he has taught 12 classes and distributed over 100 re-deployed computers to underserved youth in the east end of Houston. Also, Pete has developed a new Learn and Earn Program with graduating seniors at Milby, Chavez and Austin High School. He will be starting our third class this summer. Through these two programs he has been able to increase our overall volunteer hours. This program is well received by the community and a welcome addition to the total program TFA offers.

Pete has managed our computer re-distribution program and completely overhauled the system. All reporting is now done on-line and in real time. He has also involved his student volunteers and our University of Houston Interns in the process. The most unique feature to the re-distribution program is the way Pete transfers knowledge to the recipients. The organization receiving the computers actually works with Pete and the volunteers in preparing their own equipment for their community technology center. In this way they have enough basic knowledge to keep their equipment up and running. To date Pete has re-distributed well over 300 computers and taught over 100 people in this program.

For the past two months Pete has put together an extensive summer youth program. (flyer available). We should be able to reach over 50 unique community youth ranging in age from new 7th graders to graduating seniors. The programs cover a variety of subjects. Pete has developed all the learning objectives for each course, developed a budget and schedule, and is in the process of recruiting students and volunteers. One of his key program partners is NASA. They have offered to put a second session under Pete's leadership. 

Pete is a real friend to the youth of our community. Through the Learn and Earn program Pete gets to know the youth, and then he takes it a step further. Pete spends additional time with these kids and becomes much more than just a teacher, he also becomes their friend and mentor. I believe Americorp VISTA, through people like Pete, is making a real difference in the lives of these and other underserved youth. This extra effort has also been a key component in the development of an extensive summer youth program. Pete has been able to use his relationship with these kids to customize a program that really has the kids excited. 

Excerpt from Doug Caldwell’s Affiliate Project Report for Project Quarters 17 and 18, August 15, 2004 - February 14, 2005.  See more individual Project impact reports in the site report archive.  


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