Fall 2005

Publications Update: Community Media Review

Photo by Harvey Finkle, courtesy of Media Tank

Sections and partial contents from the Spring 2005 issue of the
Community Media Review:

Setting the Stage

  • "Don't Agonize—Organize!" by Dr. Rob Williams, the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME)
  • "Media Reform for What?" by Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
  • "The Time has Come to Build a Movement" from Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media by Robert W. McChesney & John Nichols, Free Press, 2002
  • "Deregulation Means Corporate Handouts and Broken Promises" by Gene Kimmelman, Consumers Union
  • "Regulatory Parity and Other Misgivings" by Mark Lloyd, Center for American Progress
  • "The Beginning and the End of the Internet? Discrimination, Closed Networks, and the Future of CyberSpace" by FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, October 2003
  • "The Public Convenience and Necessity: A Brief History of US Communications and Media Policy" by Lauren-Glen Davitian (guest Editor-in-Chief for the issue)

Essential Background for the 1934 and 1996 Acts

Emerging Issues:  Common Carriers, Broadcast Media, Spectrum Policy/DigitalTV, and Broadband Rules for Open Access, Universal Service, and Community Reinvestment

Mobilizing People Power:  The Way Forward

  • "Building Alliances," by Inja Coates, Media Tank
  • Power Map/Web of Influence
  • Public Interest Activists and Policy Statements
  • Spread the Good Word: Framing, Story Telling & Viral Marketing
  • Electronic Tools for Human Networks

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