Spring 2003

New Directions in Publishing and Projects
by The Editors
The Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative and the Premiere of "First Tuesday"
by Peter Miller

Antonia "Toni" Stone (1930-2002)
by anonymous
CTCNet Welcomes New Executive Director Kavita Singh
by Erroll Reese and Daniel Schackman
CTCNet Update
by Daniel Schackman

AFCN Update Community Technology: New Times, New Tactics
by Gene Crick

I-CAN Earned Income Credit Electronic Filing: Putting Money Back into Poor People's Pockets
by Gabrielle Hammond
Rodney Williams – Agent of Change and Content Producer
by Randal Pinkett
ConnectRichmond: Collecting and Sharing Information to Build a Stronger Community
by Nancy Stutts
KY Consortium Brings Better Access to Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing
by Tricia Davis and Ruth McCann
Common Ground for Alaska, Jamaica, and Rural Idaho
by Frank Odasz
Programming on the Nightshift: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
by Anne McFarland

TA to Nonprofits
Project Fix-Net: Affordable, Dependable Technical Assistance
by Rick Juliusson and Ana Sisnett
Nonprofits Get Paid by UK Government to Support Technology Centers
by Terry Grunwald and David Wilcox
Building Community Technology Capacity Through Service Learning
by Karla Back and William Reed and Cheryl Willis

San Diego Cyber Y: This Is the Life!
by Sharon AlHourani
In Seattle with the Rainier Vista VISTA
by Mary Grybeck
Senior Corps Technology Resource Center
by Cori Kocher

Public Policy
E-Government: Strategies for Community Technology Practitioners
by Laurie Lipper and Wendy Lazarus
An Illinois Consortium at the Digital Crossroads
by Layton Olsen
The Cybertelecom Report: Networks and Copyright Infringement: DMCA Immunity
by Robert Cannon
Point / Counterpoint: Regulatory Policy Must Encourage Network Investment: UNE-P Policy Does Not
by Debbie Goldman
Point / Counterpoint: The FCC's New Broadband Rules
by Bruce Kushnick

Skill.net Internet Training on the Road in Queensland, Australia
by Anna Raunik
HFM Interactive – Community Learning in the UK Via Radio and the Internet
by David Wortley
The Digital City of Parthenay: Social Networks and Civic Nets
by Federico Casalegno