Sue Buske
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Cambridge, MA, Holds Cable Communications Planning Workshops The author of the brochure is Sue Buske of the Buske Group. Ms. Buske, a national expert in cable policy and community uses of cable, is assisting Cambridge Community TV with the franchise renewal process. Cambridge Community TV can be reached at .
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Other planning that CCTV hosted in May included a metropolitan Boston/New England information and organizing session on the $10M federal Community Technology Center program, attended by over 40 area activists. Here are meeting facilitator Deborah Snow (left), Ruth Stegner and Charlotte Ebbs from Salem, NH Community Television; David Rosen, Boston Adult Literacy Resource Center Executive Director; and Marlene Archer, Executive Director, New Visions, in Framingham and Waltham.
Sue Buske

Cable television systems are no longer limited to providing just television signals. They can and do provide services ranging from distance learning to Internet access. These broadband communication systems are the last mile on that information superhighway that passes and serves your home, schools, libraries, local government agencies, businesses, community groups, and non-profit organizations.

The City has begun a process, as required by law, which will result in a new multi-year franchise agreement between MediaOne and the City of Cambridge. A critical part of the franchise renewal process is identifying future community needs and interests specific to a modern cable communication system.

This is your personal invitation to participate in a focus group workshop designed to provide information about cable communications systems, the cable franchise renewal process, and local public, educational, and government (PEG) access uses of modern cable communication systems. The workshops are designed to provide information about the opportunities for the future and to gain input from you regarding the services desired from any cable communication system serving our community.

Seven workshops will be held. Your attendance is very important. While each workshop will focus on a different aspect of community life, each is open to the public. Please select the one that you would like to attend, based upon interest, time of day, or location. We look forward to your participation in this critical aspect of planning for the telecommunications future of our community!

The workshops will be led by Sue Buske of the Buske Group.

They will include:

an overview of the cable franchise renewal process
a review of technological changes which are occurring and their impact on services that cable companies can now provide
a look at how schools, community and neighborhood groups, businesses, and local government agencies throughout the country are using cable systems
identifying key community issues
brainstorming to identify ways in which participants would like to use the cable system
completion of a questionnaire that will give you a chance to describe the cable communication system you would like to see in Cambridge in the future.