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The Community Technology Centers' Network

Summer-Fall 1999

Communications Policy on the Front Lines:
Ideas for Change

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With support from the Kellogg Foundation MIRA project and the Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy.

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Members of the Alliance for Community Media rally to kick off the Campaign for Media Democracy at their annual conference in Portland last July.
National Perspectives

Ann Wrixon on Sustainability • Leslie Harris on Broadband • Aki Namioka in Seattle • Tony Wilhelm and Audrie Krause on Mergers • David Hughes and Terry Grunwald on E-Rate Barry Forbes on the CTC Campaign News on the CTCNet RFP and the TIIAP Coalition

Libraries Anne McFarland, Jamie McClelland, Phil Shapiro, Shava Nerad on the View from Libraries
States and Local

Terry Grunwald in NC • Cary Williams in Ohio •  Lauren-Glenn Davitian in Vermont • Seongcheol Kim and Dirk Koning in Michigan • Local Reports from Sue Buske (Cambridge, MA), Autumn Labbe-Renault (Davis, CA), Pierre Clark (Chicago), Fred I. Williams (Wash, DC),  Kara Harris (Austin, TX)

Rural Communities Arthur J. Harvey on the Reservation • Barry Forbes on rural issues • Fred Johnson in Kentucky • Mary Lester on Four Rural Disabilities Telecommunications Policy Projects • Jon Darling in rural PA
New Directions Walter Siembab, Lawrence Hecht, Kenneth Pigg, Ron Burnettlook at new policy angles • Steve Cisler on International Perspectives • Jessica Brown on the Attack on Microradio • Ryan Turner on Nonprofits' Policy and Technology

Extensive Resource Listings by Carl Kucharski and Art McGee