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Culture, Class and Cyberspace Resources 56.jpeg (22436 bytes) This compilation is (c) 1998-1999 Arthur R. McGee If you forward this list to others, please leave my name and e-address on it, both for proper attribution and so that people can send updates.
Art McGee

"Culture, Class and Cyberspace" -

Very up to date survey, encompassing "interesting and important resources, dealing with the intersection of ethnicity, culture, class, poverty, computers, and cyberspace." Selections include:

The Binary Split: Race and Technology at the End of the 20th Century [added 04/29/1999]

The Race for Cyberspace: Information Technology in the Black Diaspora,

Duppies in the Machine, or, "Anybody know where I can buy a copy of the "Upnorth-Outwest Geechee Jibara Quik Magic Trance Manual For Technologically Stressed Third World People"?" [added 02/13/99],

Cy.Rev #4: Technological Revolution & Prospects for Black Liberation in the 21st Century,

Buying into the Computer Age: A Look at Hispanic Families,

UnderCurrent #4: Virtual Whiteness and Narrative Diversity,

Brillo Magazine, Issue Number 2 -- Buggin' in and Out: Eye Dialectal Nightmares in Cyberspace,

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: African American Critical Theory and Cyberculture,

American Emissaries to Africa: From John Barlow via James Bond to James Baldwin and Back, ,

Book Review: The African-American Resource Guide to the Internet,

Black Pioneers of the Internet,

The Virtual Barrio @ The Other Frontier (or the Chicano inerneta),

Cultural Survival Quarterly: The Internet and Indigenous Communities,