Summer-Fall 2001

About This Issue
by Peter Miller and Richard Civille
Community Media & Technology at UMass/Boston
by Reebee Garafolo

MetroBoston State Street Technical Support Initiative
by Steve Ronan and Marissa Martin
Online Panels with the America Connects Consortium
by Steve Ronan
Gathering Together: CTCNet's 10th Annual Conference
by Lauren Kadi
CTCNet in the Lead
by Karen Chandler and Sarah Petrin
Street Tech Poem: Digital Monster
by Brandon Moore
Street Tech Poem: Shadows That Covered My Future in a Lost World
by Joseph Booth

The Association for Community Networking
by Andrew Cohill
Planning for Local Community Internet Awareness Initiatives
by Frank Odasz
The New Gold Rush - Mining Raw Human Potential Using Free Web Tools
by Frank Odasz
The Ars Portalis Project
by Richard Civille

Bridging the Digital Divide in DeKalb County
by Paul Baker and Dara O'Neil
The Atlanta Community Technology (ACT) Initiative
by Lynette Kvasny
Thoughts on Atlanta from Lowell, MA
by George Preston
Bridging the Divide in Lowell, MA
by Felicia Sullivan

TA to Nonprofits
The Promise & Potential - Helping Nonprofits Technology Turbocharge!
by Marc Osten
The Community Technology Toolbox Grows into a Garage: How to Tune-up your Strategy
by Terry Grunwald and David Wilcox
Community Networking on the Night Shift, Part Two: in which a Community Organizer Tries to Be a Techie
by Anne McFarland
Recent TA to Nonprofit Resources of Note
by Steven Clift and Edward Batista
The Nonprofit Quarterly - Resources in Hardcopy and Online
by Kay O'Rourke

Reflections upon the National Service Leadership Institute
by Angela Stuber
Click on Over: A Profile of the Boys & Girls Club of Taunton (MA) Technology Center
by Karen Zgoda
Seattle's Sleepy CTCs
by Wade Englund
Community Technology Resources from VISTA Projects
by Laura Hassler

Public Policy
The Debate Over HR 1542 - The Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act: Response from the Alliance for Public Technology
by Allen Hammond
Stopping by Benton
by Phil Shapiro
Public Policy and Related References and Resources
by anonymous
Opening the Doors to Digital Opportunity: A Retrospective, 1991-2001
by Norris Dickard
Looking Ahead: On the Community Telecommunication Policy Horizon
by Ryan Turner
Digital Empowerment Programs for the Underserved
by Cory Smith
The Debate Over HR 1542 - The Internet Freedom and Broadband Deployment Act: Will the Bells Steal America's Digital Future?
by Audrie Krause
International Community Technology Development Since Barcelona
by Richard Lowenberg and Steve Ronan and Steve Cisler
From Access to Outcomes: A New Report from the Morino Institute
by Lowell Weiss

The Alliance for Community Media
by anonymous
Strengthening The Public Sphere: Sharing the Patterns of Our Work
by Doug Schuler
What's New from Chittenden Community TV
by Lauren Davitian
The Community Information Corps at the University of Michigan School of Information
by Paul Resnick

Back Cover
Faces of Tomorrow
by Editor