Winter-Spring 2002

Editors' Introduction: Community Technology in a Post 9-11 World
by Richard Civille and Peter Miller
The Greater Boston Broadband Network: An Innovative University-Community Partnership
by Reebee Garafolo

The Space Between: An Interview with CTCNet Executive Director Karen Chandler
by Karen Zgoda
Alive and Well, Not in Manhattan Today as Planned
by Karen Zgoda

AFCN Organizational Update
by Andrew Cohill
Thinking Chaordically - The Future of Communities and Technology
by Andrew Cohill
Community Networking on the Night Shift, Part Three: Librarians, Community Networks, and Philosophy Lite
by Anne McFarland
Northern New Mexico's Last Mile Technology: Wireless Service!
by Judith Pepper

Small Points of Connection
by Rhonda Allison
Community Mapping for Neighborhood Knowledge in Los Angeles
by Bill Pitkin and Nick Rattray
Running LAPs: On the Local Access Path
by Max Gail and Casey Hughes
Parks and Recreation LAPs Are "Connected" for the Future
by Pam Earle and Cathy Matheson
New Technology Policy and Advocacy Resource from The Children's Partnership
by Wendy Lazarus and James Lau Content-Building for and by Local Communities
by Laurie Lipper and Francisco Mora
Community Informatics: Current Status and Future Prospects - Some Thoughts
by Michael Gurstein
The Institute for African American E-Culture
by Phoebe Lenear

TA to Nonprofits
CTC Collaborations - Building the Timothy Smith Network in Boston, Part One
by Marc Osten
Delivering Tech Assistance with Circuit Riding: Learning through Two CompassPoint Projects
by John Whitmer
Database and Directory Resources from the Organizer's Collaborative
by Rich Cowan
New Book and Series on ASP Resources
by Michael Stein

A Resource Center for National and Community Service Programs
by Carlos Pedraza and Forest Monsen
Providing Resources to VISTA
by Matt Crichton

Public Policy
Stopping in at TOP
by Phil Shapiro
A Mixed Picture - Telecom Policy Update and Analysis
by Ryan Turner
Addendum to A Mixed Picture
by Ryan Turner
Closing The Resource Gap: 1-2-3 Advocacy to Improve Illinois Communities through Telecommunications, in Three Stages of Regulatory Competition, 1997-2001
by Layton Olsen

Buenos Aires, Montreal, and Seattle: Civic Unrest and Civic Intelligence
by Doug Schuler
On the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil
by Scott Robinson