Winter-Spring 2004

Editors' Introduction
Now You See It — Now You Don't

It's been a while—since the special conference issue last summer—and we've got a dynamite issue to kick off 2004 with here.

We've got special features on the amazing Growing Digital Network and how it's responsible for the explosive growth of rural broadband in Danville, Virginia by Terry McGhee; an overview of the Hawaii Unified Telehealth Project by the medical team at the U of Hawaii School of Medicine; and a piece on Community Technology Leadership Development by Greg Laudeman at the Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute. There's special policy coverage by regular contributors Bob Cannon (the CAN SPAM Act) and the Children's Partnership team, and "Lessons Learned from the Very First (but definitely not last) Ohio Community Technology Day" by Angela Stuber.

Our VISTA and Technology Assistance to NonProfits (TA to NPO) sections are combined in this issue since most of these stories involve AmeriCorps VISTA members, present and past, doing work in this arena: Ohio VISTA Gabe Gloden interviewing fellow VISTA Chet Davis on program evalution; "Making VISTA Work in Community Technology in Austin" by Zafar Shah; and "Interactive Web Design for the Technically Uninclined" by Lisa Smith, a former Teaming for Technology VISTA. George Gundrey on Compumentor's recent CTCs as NTAPs (NonProfit Technology Assistance Providers) study rounds out the section.

And, of course, there are regular updates from CTCNet and AFCN, including Anne McFarland's "Community Networking on the Nightshift," and new developments in the UMass Community Media and Technology Program at the College of Public and Community Service, where we're housed.

CTC VISTAs Saul, James, and Caroline
CTC VISTAs Saul, James, and Caroline

You can't see a lot of the reason we've been a while. This issue marks the transition of the Review's electronic production and support from the system evolving since 1999 to a new online publishing system designed in-house in the Community Media and Technology program over the fall and winter, by CTC VISTA Saul Baizman with additional contributions by VISTAs James Fishwick and Caroline Bennett, the Review's Assistant Editor. You may notice some changes at, but what's primarily new that you don't see is behind the scenes and makes the sophisticated practice of database publishing all that much easier, once the very laborious tasks of system development, troubleshooting (bugzilla!), and testing and implementation have been completed.

We're still in process—bear with us as we finish up. Note the interactive features for readers in terms of submitting comments on articles, letters, and resources as well as abstract and article submission—and let us know what you think. ––pm & rc

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