Community Technology Centers Review

CTCNet 1997 All-Affiliates Meeting, a report by Steve Cisler
Communications Policy is a Civil Rights Issue, by Mark Lloyd
Improving Accessibility, by Dale Abell
CTCNet & AFCN, The Shared Future of Community Technology Centers and Community Networking, by Peter Miller
Computer Centers as Library Outposts, by Cary Williams
RealVideo: Letting Community Voices and Images Be Heard and Seen, by Phil Shapiro

Highlights from Three Regions
Technology Access Flowing in the Pacific Northwest, by Bruce McComb and Ronda Evans
Technology Access for All in MetroBoston, by Peter Miller and Deborah P. Snow
Ohio Centers Open
, by Marsha McDevitt-Stredney

CTCNet Research
Evaluation Project Update, by Jan Ellis, Bart Wise, Clifton Chow & June Mark
Community Mapping, by Janet Cornebise

Shoptalk: Words from CTCNet and Center Staff
Kate Snow, Somerville Community Computing Center
Steve Quimby, Dorchester YMCA
Corliss Grimes, Institute for Academics After-School Tutorial Program
Coralee Whitcomb, Virtually Wired
George Preston & Felicia Sullivan, Lowell Telecommunications Corporation

Resources for Community Technology Centers, compiled by Carl Kucharski
Book Review: The Rise of the Network Society by Manuel Castells, reviewed by Steve Cisler

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